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Enactment, Amendment and Repeal of Ordinances

Enactment, Amendment and Repeal of Ordinances

The Council enacts, amends and repeals ordinances which are laws of the local government, by vote.

  1. Motion
    • Submitted by the Mayor of district or by the joint signatures of more than one-fifth of the incumbent council members
    • Suggested by committees
  2. Voting
    • Adopted with the attendance of a majority of all the members on the register and by a concurrent majority vote of the members present.
  3. Transfer
    • Transferred to the mayor of district on the day the motion is passed
  4. Promulgation
    • Promulgated by the mayor of district within 20 days

※ The ordinance comes into effect 20 days after the date of promulgation unless otherwise regulated.

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