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Council Structure

Council Structure

Council members are citizens’ representatives elected based on the four principles of election - universal suffrage, equal election, direct election, and secret election.
The 8th Eunpyeong District Council is comprised of 18 members including the chairperson and vice chairperson and their terms of service is 4 years.

The term of service of the chairperson and vice chairperson who are elected by secret vote is 2 years.
They chairperson represents the council, controls the council meetings and processes, keep order in meetings and supervises the administrative affairs.
The vice chairperson acts as chairperson when the chairperson is absent.

Organizational Chart

  • Chairperson
    • Vice Chairperson
      • Standing Committee
        • Steering Committee
        • Administration and Welfare Committee
        • Finance and Construction Committee
      • Secretariat
        • Expert Members
        • Council Administration Team
        • Council Management Team
        • PR Team
      • Special Committee

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