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Operating the Council

Operating the Council

Council activities are primarily comprised of plenary, standing committee activities and special committee activities. Meetings include regular meetings and special meetings. Regular meeting is held twice a year and the total period of regular meetings and special meetings is 120 days. A request to call for a special meeting can be made by the mayor or by the joint signatures of more than one-third of the incumbent council members. The chairperson of the council must call for a special meeting within 15 days after the receipt of the request.

Plenary Session

The plenary is the body that makes final decision and its session is convened with the attendance of more than one-third of the incumbent council members. Unless otherwise regulated, decisions of the Council are adopted with the attendance of a majority of all the members on the register and by a concurrent majority vote of the members present.
When a Council member desires to take the floor, he or she shall must the Chairperson’s permission. Council members may ask questions, speak on the proceedings, speak on personal matters, make supplementary speeches and make five-minute free speeches.

Standing Committees

Special Committees

  • Special committees can be established under the decision of the plenary when deliberations on special matters are required.
  • Special Committee on Budget and Accounts

    Reviews budget bills and accounts.

  • Special Committee on Ethics

    Reviews eligibility of and disciplinary actions for Council members.

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